Sunday, March 08, 2009

Perpetual Motion : Walkthrough

A while back (OK 11 months and 2 weeks ago) my Perpetual Motion game was released. It is now available on 180 different sites and has been played 270,000+ times. It's probably a bit late but now I've finally re-done my website it seemed a good time to publish a walkthrough for Perpetual Motion. It's a bit of a task so I'm publishing one level a day until all 36 are complete (level 8 was published yesterday). If you've never given the game a go, or you got stuck on a level, now may be a good time to have another go.

GeekGlue Site Update

Over the last couple of years my GeekGlue website has become increasingly out of step with my current interests. I've been thinking more and more about how I should use that space. In the last year I've become very interested in casual gaming and have (as noted on this blog) published a couple of games. Therefore I started to think that I would like to use the GeekGlue site to support my game publishing and perhaps focus my own research into casual gaming. I was also keen to use Drupal (which we've been using extensively) to make the site more flexible. Hence the new GeekGlue is born with new games added daily, a blog posting a daily review of the best new game of the day, walkthroughs of my games (and probably a few others) as well as casual gaming news. The site is very much in a formative state and I expect to regularly add new features in the coming months.