Saturday, April 21, 2007

MUV : my first meeting

Finally, attended my first meeting of Macromedia Users Victoria (MUV). I've been planning to go for the last few years. But for a while I was always working on the meeting night. Then they went quiet for a while as they sorted out the change from Macromedia to Adobe (still using Macromedia in the groups branding; not sure what they have planned there). They had their first meeting back last month but I once again had a clash. Anyway I finally got there.

The first half of the evening was spent looking at and discussing the CS3 release. It is a huge release program with many new options for users whatever their level. Therefore any opportunity to discuss the options and their relative merits is much appreciated.

In the second half of the evening Chris Burgess presented the what, why and how of Apollo. I've been keen to get any and all available info on Apollo. Hence a lot of what Chris presented was news. But it was still invaluable to get his views on where Apollo is right now and where it will be heading.

The only disappointing part of the evening was the numbers. It is only their second night back so they are still finding their feet. I guess I'm the last person to comment having taken so long to get to a meeting. But there are a lot more Adobe users than we saw on Thursday night. It would be great to see more developers at future meetings. To state the obvious the more who come the more worthwhile it is for everyone who attends. To get more information you need to register so if you are in Victoria get to it.

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