Tuesday, May 22, 2007

htmlText revisited

In a previous post I wrote about some of the problems I'd encountered with htmlText. In particular some oddities that occur when more than one image is included in the htmlText. Ted (who has a blogger account but no profile) suggested an answer may be found in the UITextField class. I've been keen to find time to research this further and finally found some time yesterday. It was an interesting topic. The Flash textField class is extended by the FlexTextField class. This is a very thin wrapper that overrides the toString method. FlexTextField is then extended by UITextField which adds CSS, measurement, tooltips etc. UITextField is used to provide the text component of many common Flex components (i.e Button). This all sounded very promising. Which made it very disappointing to discover all the problems I'd documented previously were still evident when the test is repeated using UITextField. I suspect that these problems may originate within flash.text.textField. But I don't have enough time to pursue this further. Seems I'll will need to keep on hacking when using htmlText.

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