Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flash Quicktime Controller : Flex To Javascript

For the last few days I've been prototyping a Flex controller for use with Quicktime movies. The prototype is for an upcoming project that needs to interact with videos from a number of systems. At least one of those systems doesn't publish to Flash.

I'm going to talk about this over a few posts. In this first post we'll look at calling javascript functions from Flex.

In the end I used a HSlider component to create the scrubber and then added a Button to play/pause the movie. The interaction was handled by ExternalInterface on the Flex side and within the page javascript was used to communicate with the Quicktime plugin using it's API.

ExternalInterface is extremely easy to use. You simply need to pass the javascript functions name to the call method:


You can also add parameters (required by the js function) after the function name. ExternalInterface isn't available in all browsers so you should wrap this call in a conditional to check if ExternalInterface is available :

if (ExternalInterface.available)

Now all you need is a javascript function in your page to respond to this call. In my prototype
I don't want Quicktime to load until after the Flex app has loaded. So I created a js function called swf_init that is called after Flex's creationComplete event. This function adds the Quicktime movie to the page. In the next post I'll talk about creating callbacks with ExternalInterface so javascript functions can talk to our Flex app.

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