Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Victorian Adobe User Group : September Meeting

The September meeting of the Victorian Adobe User Group will be taking place Thursday week (20th September, 2007) starting at 6 PM. This month Steve Piscopo from Nectarine will be talking about animation principles and how they apply to Flash. In addition to that I'll be talking about the Model View Controller Design Pattern and how it applies to Flex. Below is the full description for my presentation.

The venue has a limited window of easy access so make sure you check out the access details (note : site still branded as MUV) before coming.

Flex was created for developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA's). When you develop an RIA's you quickly come to appreciate the need for a consistent and efficient framework. Therefore it's not surprising that Flex developers turned to Design Patterns. The success of the Cairngorm framework quickly turned Model View Controller (MVC) into the most popular pattern for Flex development.

This presentation will start with an overview of Design Patterns before delving into the MVC pattern. Finally, we'll look at what frameworks are available for Flex MVC development and touch on alternative patterns for Flex development.

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