Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Kongregate Sidebar

I'm a big fan of Kongregate.  I don't play everyday.  But if I'm in the mood for "casual gaming" then Kongregate is my home.  So I was very excited last night to discover the Kongregate Firefox Sidebar.  Kongregate has this great system of badges.  When you achieve a certain level of play in a game that has a badge you get the badge.  Badges give you points.  Points increase your level.  More than that badges point to games that someone thinks is worthwhile.  Often it's the games that have won the weekly prize that get badges.  For developers badges mean more game views and that means more revenue.  So everyone on Kongregate is interested in badges.  Therefore it's a wonderful thing that the Kongregate sidebar shows you all the badges, shows which ones you are missing and links to the games.  It also shows you the current challenge, your points and if you have any friends online.  Just another reason why Kong is King!

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