Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Frameworks : Cairngorn, Mate, Swiz & Gaia

Just a quick post to share a couple of useful and interesting recent posts relating to Flex Frameworks. First up Andrew Powell has written a big picture overview comparing Cairngorn, Mate and Swiz. He notes :

"I think that Cairngorm will make more sense to developers coming from the Java world. Developers coming to Flex from ColdFusion would probably be much more comfortable in Mate, due to its tag-based nature. Does this mean that any one is more right for you than another? No. As with anything else in this field, it depends on the task, the developer's skill and comfort levels with different technologies, and the time you have to learn something new."

Secondly, "calm in the chaos" has written a few insights into their experience using Gaia. At one points he says :

"In essence it’s a Framework that takes a lot of the leg work out of creating page based Flash sites. By Page based I mean sites that have a fairly standard navigation hierarchy. It can be used for more complex projects, though I found I struggled against the Framework more than it helped me some of the time."


Mark Ellul said...

Interesting, that pureMVC is not brought up in a lot more articles.

Andrew Powell said...

I didn't include PureMVC b/c Cliff bills it as an AS3 framework, not a Flex framework.