Monday, September 08, 2008

Adobe CS4 Features

Early last week the news emerged of a Adobe special event in late September. The invites were quite secretive but by the end of the week the news was out that this was a "launch" event for Creative Suite 4. Details of the new release are still under wraps but there have been a number of sneak peaks and lab releases offering some insight into this upcoming release. I'd like to claim I've done a whole lot of research and put together a compilation of all the new features that have been previewed but in the course of this research I happened across a page on Wikipedia where the work had been done. Also worth a look is a YouTube video showing some new Photoshop features. A post from Flash Magazine showing Flash features demoed at this years WebDU. A four part series on Community MX highlighting new features from the Fireworks beta. Flashmech has posted a good review of the new Dreamweaver features. You can also download and try the Dreamweaver and Fireworks betas from Adobe Labs.

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