Thursday, July 16, 2009

RSS vs Twitter

Like a lot of people I started out very sceptical about the value of Twitter and have gradually been drawn in. I'm finding more and more useful ways to use Twitter. I don't really get the desperate pursuit of followers but have found very real value in following a small number of reliable streams. For example, I can't imagine that I would ever stop following abcnews. But I'm still very attached to RSS through Google Reader and still defining the line where something works as a Tweet rather than an RSS. For example, I still find myself following TechCrunch on both Twitter and via RSS. Twitter offers convienience while I'm still very keen to star and share things in Google Reader. Anyway I just found a very clear example of something that works much better in RSS than in Twitter : Dilbert. I can't start the day without a dose of Dilbert. Below are two screenshots the first from Google Reader and the second from Twitter. However you look at it the Reader version is handy and the Twitter version (even with the preview addon) isn't:


Michal Harezlak said...

Are you still using both?

geekglue said...

I am still using both but I have moved all the news reading back to RSS and now use Twitter primarily for following individuals. I also tend to tweet links that don't come to me from Twitter (using delicious) and very rarely tweet some thoughts that lend themselves to 140 characters. So I'm using Twitter a lot less but can't quite ween myself off it completely.