Friday, October 06, 2006

Notice of intent

For the longest time I avoided blogging. Why pollute the blogosphere any further, I thought. But then I found myself approaching it sideways. Pretending to myself that the purpose of my blogger account was to run some tests. But then I suddenly found myself in the midst of a post "testing" out the blogging feature of Flock with a post about Flock. What a disgrace! Who was I kidding? No doubt it had been my intention to blog from the start (even before the start if that is possible).

But what do I have to say? I work as a web developer and spend quite a bit of my time reading web development blogs. Many of these bloggers seem to have some inside knowledge (of whatever it is they blog about). But the 'inside knowledge' I have is hardly worth sharing. So what do I have to say. I guess it is my intention to use this blog to ask myself questions. A conversation with myself (and whoever else wants to join in). Publishing these conversations will force me to think carefully about my answers because the world seems quite capable of holding us bloggers accountable for our views. Hopefully I will have something to say that is worth challenging?

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