Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Adobe Device Central : Update 4

A new updater for Adobe's Device Central is now available for download. Device Central provides information about available mobile devices and their capabilities. It is a great tool if you are developing Flash for mobile. This is the 4th update since the release of CS3. Before installing update 4 you will need to install Flash® Lite™ 3 Update for Device Central CS3 and have installed the previous 3 updates. This is where Device Central lets us down a bit. I can't remember if my previous updates are up to date. Did I last install update #2 or update #3? The thing Device Central needs is a more streamlined way to manage these updates. It should keep track of them , check for new updates and automate their installation.


Rick Curran said...

Hi, I think the main problem is the Adobe Updater, this should bring all the latest Device Central updates rather than having to manually install them, then you wouldn't have to worry about the order of installing them!

geekglue said...

I agree Rick. The Adobe Updater seems the natural place for this to happen.