Friday, November 23, 2007

Flock 1.0

Screenshot of the Flock Browser showing my Flickr Media StreamBack in January I downloaded and had a play with the Flock Browser (then in beta).  At the time Flock was pretty impressive but I found it's bookmarking less than ideal and returned to using Firefox.  Well the other day I was reading an interesting article on TechCrunch that compared memory usage between Firefox and Flock (now out of beta).  The long and short of it was that memory usage was significantly better in Flock.  Which is strange as Flock uses Firefox for it's base engine.  Anyway I decided I better give it a another look.  It's a long time since a piece of software made me go WOW.  But that was my exact response to Flock 1.0.  First of all there are the exciting features that I'd seen in the beta ; the media stream browser, the image uploader, the blog post editor (which I'm using to write this post).  What I don't remember is a series of sidebars which make access to popular web 2.0 services so easy.  For example a people sidebar provides easy access to Flickr, YouTube, Facebook etc.  The accounts and services sidebar provides easy access to a variety of services (i.e Blogger).  I remember a web clipboard but a don't remember a neat drag and drop sidebar that helps you manage a number of saved media objects (text, images, video).  Great feature here is that each saved object has a link to create a blog post from the object.  The same feature appears over images or videos in the page that you can add to your blog.  One last feature I'd like to mention is that if you browse to a page that has a Firefox search engine then Flock will make you aware of that and offer the option of adding it to your installed search engines.  There are more great features and I feel I could go on for a while but I suggest you should give it a go and make up your own mind.

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