Friday, January 05, 2007

Torn Tween the Fox and the Flock

In my last post I was singing the praises of Flock. But here I am the morning after and my new love looks less pretty in the cold light of day. I guess you'd say that we had a falling out. To be specific a disagreement over managing bookmarks. I found myself looking back with fondness to Firefox's flexibility with nested bookmark folders. The delightful way she allowed me to define keywords that could be used as shortcuts to a page. But Flock would have none of this and I found myself with a long list of folders (many of them now empty because each folders children were now it's siblings ; unwanted perversion be gone from my sight). So that was it. I found my mouse straying to the quickLaunch bar where my lost love awaited patient and forgiving. But not before I had a word or two to say through the Flock feedback form. Flock was quick to reply. She claims that nested folders will be possible before she makes here version 1 debut. I was somewhat soothed and have promised to visit and make use of her again. She has such a lovely way with photos and she offers such a comfortable space to read the news. Should I feel guilt for spreading my love between the Fox and the Flock?

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Zeke said...

Yes, feel guilty. Flock sucks. It's yet another setback to the advancement of Internet technology.

Try Firefox 3 or Google Chrome, both of which are excellent advances for the WWW. Chrome is particularly streamlined and incredibly resource- and user-friendly.

geekglue said...

Chrome shows promise in some areas but it's a long way from being a proven browser. It seems your measure of a good browser is about resource use. But what really makes a browser worthwhile is that it allows you to do the things you want to do in the easiest way possible. Flock's focus on social networks and helping us to access updates within our social networks makes it invaluable to me. Whats great about the current browser market is that we have a choice and can choose the browser that makes a difference to us. We would quickly lose that choice again if we paid too much attention to the browser nazis.