Saturday, January 20, 2007

Is this post off topic?

I became a blogger by stealth. I'd been planning to blog for quite a while. But I'd never told myself. Consequently I'd never really thought about the act of blogging. But it's hard not to make a few posts without reflecting on the process.

What I quickly came to realise is that a blog isn't usually about the writer.A blog is about the writers relationship to a specific subject. The exception is when the writer is a topic of public interest. For example, Dilbert is a topic of interest to Dilbert fans hence we would be disappointed if Dilbert didn't blog about Dilbert.

By consistently writing about a subject the blog attracts readers interested in that topic. By unexpectantly writing about a different topic the writer is breaking a contract that has been established between the writer and their audience. I guess most readers are willing to tolerate the occassional digression. But I find my time too precious to squander it on itinerant bloggers.

Am I off topic right now by posting a post about blogging? I guess that depends on what Geek Glue's topic is. I suspect this blog is an exploration of current trends in web development and web applications (Rich Internet Applications doesn't cover things like which I have already written about). Therefore there may not be a lot of nuts and bolts stuff (i.e See My Flex App Run Fast). Instead it will be a broad overview through an examination of specific technologies (i.e Getting A Taste for Does a discussion of blogging fit within that; I guess it does.

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