Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dream Reader

Flock browser RSS Reader

A wish has formed in my mind. An idea about my RSS reading future. It will look like Flock's RSS reader. But there will be one major difference. My feed list will be stored online. I realised a while ago that I wanted my bookmarks online in one central repository. That way they could be accessed and updated whereever I go. But for some reason I haven't extended this idea to my RSS feeds. But now I understand. Anything that is accessed online should be managed online. Therefore, RSS feeds should be managed online.

Of course, it's easy to manage your feeds online using Google Reader and in Firefox you can quickly add a pages feed by telling it to use Google Reader. It's a slightly awkward process because Google keeps asking where to store the feed. But it's not too painful. The thing is I don't want to read my feeds in Google Reader. It's nowhere near as friendly as the Flock Reader. I guess what I'm talking about is a feature request for Flock. I want the Flock Reader to source my feeds from Google Reader.

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