Thursday, January 11, 2007

Web 2.0 in decline

A graph over at Buzzmeter showing a decline in the use of buzzword "Web 2.0" during December has been seized upon as evidence of the coming messiah:

The dip could be seasonal, but I prefer to hope that commentators are finally tiring of a hackneyed phrase. (read)

No doubt the real reason for the dip is that everyone was more focussed on Christamas gadgets than they were on Web 2.0 widgets. Either way when the terms use finally wanes it is more likely to indicate that it has moved from buzzword to everyday jargon and that the time has come for a more reasoned assessment of the usefulness of Web 2.0 RIA's. When the dust settles it seems fairly clear that we will be left with some very useful tools and that the web will be littered with enumerable oddly named corpses.

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