Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quicktime 7.4 removes all support for Flash Player

I can't find any official mention of this except for a forum thread but the latest version of Quicktime 7.4.1(14) has removed all support for Flash Player. This has been coming for a while with an update last year (?) that forced users to manually enable Flash if required. This will create a serious headache for our group which has been using LiveStage to combine Flash and Quicktime for at least the last five years. Consequently everything we've made in this manner will stop working as soon as users update to the latest version of Quicktime. I know not many people used LiveStage but I also know we weren't the only people using it. One up side is we won't need to consider LiveStage as an option for interactive video projects in the future. Flash is now the clear leader when you need to combine video, animation and interactivity (some may suggest we look at Silverlight but I think we'll need to wait until it grows up a bit).

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Thomas said...

This is sick! I was doing LiveStage development too a few years ago, and we did have the assumption those products would continue to live somewhat. I just went to put together a couple items for my portfolio, and it took me a second to figure out where the hell the flash went :/ grrrr.

geekglue said...

Thanks for the comment Thomas. It's hard not to feel that Apple has handled this very poorly. One of the reasons LiveStage never really took off as it should have is the lack of a strong active community. This lack of communication about the Quicktime's future directions is one reason that community never got off the ground. Thomas I echo your grrrr.