Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Flex : Depth & Breadth

This is a kind of follow up to my last post (Apollo : Too Simple). In that post I was saying the difficult part about learning Apollo is learning Flex. But this sort of misrepresents my attitude towards Flex. On the way to work this morning I was rummaging under the Cairngorm bonnet (as a consequence of Robin Hilliard's excellent MVC session at webDu ) and I found myself awed by some of the powerful Flex techniques Cairngorm uses. It made me really appreciate the depth of what Flex offers. But then I started to reflect on the things I've been able to build with Flex without this deep knowledge. The great thing about Flex is that it has a gentle learning curve. It allows you to very quickly start to develop powerful GUI's with a very shallow understanding of the framework. It's this combination of depth and breadth that continues to fuel my excitement for Flex.

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