Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BlueDot Makeover

Bluedot makeover

I've been using BlueDot since the start of the year for the purpose of managing my bookmarks. Originally I'd tried del.icio.us. But BlueDot had some additional features that I found handy. Like with any service there are always improvements that could be made. Hence it was a pleasant surprise when a page refresh revealed a BlueDot home page makeover. BlueDot's design was always better than del.icio.us but these changes make it even more so. The improvements are simple; near the top of the page there are now three tabs. One tab each for Dots, Tags and Favorites. Placing Favorites on a tab has allowed them to remove it from what was an increasingly busy sidebar. Tags remain on the sidebar but having a tab makes them more readily accessible. It's only the most popular Tags but thats fine especially when they each have a graphic to simplify selection. This Tag page existed before it's just that it was too hard to find to be useful. The other obvious difference is the addition of a slogan (Stuff you care about) to the logo. As I said the differences are simple. But they are improvements and when you are a regular visitor then any improvement is a big one.


Mike Koss said...

Thanks for noticing our subtle design changes (and I'm glad you like them). We're trying to make Blue Dot more useful for people even if they don't have a lot of friends on Blue Dot - this update is a baby step in that direction (look for some bigger updates in a couple of months).

geekglue said...

Thanks Mike,

I'm a great fan of the work you guys do. I find BlueDot very useful even though I'm less interested in the social side of social bookmarking. I'll be watching for the 'bigger' updates.