Friday, April 18, 2008

Flash 2D Physics : Box2DFlashAS3 Version 2 released

I've been messing around with Box2DFlashAS3 since the start of the year.  It's not the easiest of the Flash 2D Physics engines to learn but it is definitely the most versatile.  I haven't found much information on the changes in the new version.  But the updated demo includes ragdolls and the speed and accuracy seems much improved from the previous version.  I look forward to running it through it's paces.

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Gordon said...

More more more! When can you follow this up please?! Next instalment eagerly anticipated!

loved the game!


geekglue said...

Hi Gordon,

thanks for the comment. I had hoped to write more. But I've been very busy. I really need to find some time to do some testing with v2. If I do I'll write some more then.