Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Flex and AJAX Testing with Borland Silk

Borland has released Silk 2008.  The first update to it's automated testing tool in over 2 years.  For this release they have rebuilt the products architecture to make it more flexible and to allow it to support applications it hasn't traditionally supported.  A significant element of this release is the ability to test Flex and AJAX applications and the use of Flex for application development.  Borland's Brad Johnson explains their choice of Flex :

"The reason is you have a vendor to go to who is in control of the spec and will answer the calls. We're not neglecting AJAX, but there are 200 flavors of it."

Quoted from InternetNews
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parya said...

when runing silk testcase for IE7 test, IE crashes, I am not sure how to prevent from crash