Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mochiads : Adds Revenue Stats

If you've made a Flash game and posted it on any of the many game portals then there is a good chance you've heard of Mochiads. In case you haven't Mochiads allows you to easily add ads to your games and provides some handy tools for managing your game ads. One great thing about Mochiads is that if someone rips off you game and posts it on their site then you will still get revenue for everytime the game is played. Another neat feature is that they will post your game to some game portals therefore saving you lots of work. They mention some of these portals on the site but it turns out there are quite a few others. The reason I discovered this is because of a great new feature. Mochiads now provides details about the countries and domains where your games are being played including the eCPM (effective cost per thousand) for that country or domain. Now I only have one game (at the moment) and it's not a world beater. But I was still interested to discover that Wheel of Death is being played more in Israel than anywhere else (Estonia was ranked third for plays). Despite that I still earned more from America where the eCPM is 78c compared to 23c in Israel. Mochiads is a great service and this new addition makes it even greater. If you are building Flash games and haven't used Mochiads then perhaps you should take a look.


Bob Ippolito said...

Small correction: eCPM is effective cost per thousand (mille)

Thanks for using MochiAds!

geekglue said...

Thanks for the correction Bob. I've updated the text.

Lippy said...

MochiAds appears to have a very limited client base. I find the repetitious ads they present very annoying. I got the same ad 10 times when playing an online game. I can guarantee that they won't get a click-through from me with that strategy.