Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blogging From Contribute CS3

I'm currently trialing Adobe CS3 prior to upgrading from Macromedia Studio 8. In particular I was keen to try out the blogging options in Contribute CS3. Which is exactly where I'm writing this post. This functionality was released a few months ago. But I prefer to manage upgrades as new suites are released. I'd also tried this from work but have never been able to create the connection. Now I know that the problem is probably proxy related as I had no problem making this connection from home. What's nice about posting from Contribute is that you are writing directly into your page with all the pages available styles. So you get a real feel for how the final post will appear. The Blogger editor is very sensitive to whitespace and so you can end up with some unexpectedly large spaces in your post.

One potential limitation is Bloggers use of labels instead of Tags. There is a drop down in Contribute listing all existing Labels and you select the ones you want to use. But there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for adding new Labels. Which means I'll probably need to edit this again in Blogger to add Contribute as a Label. But perhaps I'm just missing the option. It is very much a first try.

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