Sunday, June 10, 2007

GoLive Lives

Since it was announced that Adobe would absorb Macromedia there has been much speculation about what products might be retired. A few weeks ago we saw the official announcement that Freehand was going to vector heaven. Which was extremely sad news for me as Freehand was and remains a tool I use almost daily in so many ways. Sure I've worked with some great graphic designers who curse the ground that Freehand occupies. But I still argue that once to get used to it's unique way of doing things it's a very versatile tool.

Anyway that's neither here nor there because the point of this post is that GoLive 9 is now available. I don't know anyone who suggested that GoLive would see another version. Dreamweaver is so obviously superior and why support two products that serve one purpose. Though I note that there is a large section titled "Interested In Switching?" (similar to what they did with Freehand's death notice).

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