Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gears, Pipes and Mashups

I'll be doing a presentation this Thursday evening at the Victorian MUV. The presentation will be an overview of the Mashup landscape combined with emerging trends as evident in Google Gears and Yahoo Pipes. We were talking about this a bit at Thursday's talk at the Gordon TAFE. I was pretty surprised that many of the people there were unfamiliar with these developments. Which is good news for my talk as it means you may find it all very new and exciting.

Jody Fenn will also be talking about UI Prototyping with Acrobat. This is a technique we've been using more and more as the applications we develop grow in complexity. But it's a great way to develop, test and get feedback on relatively straightforward websites. I can strongly recommend Jody's talk to anyone involved in interface design or development.

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