Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blist : easy online database

Just spent some time looking at a new Flex application called blist.  It promotes itself as the world's easiest database and from a quick test it's hard to disagree.  I had a look at Coghead last year and while Coghead is geared a little more towards database applications I found it quite counter intuitive.  In contrast blist makes it very easy to make and query databases and provides some very useful data types.  Perhaps the clearest example of this is the date field which allows them to provide a calendar view of your table.  But equally useful are the very easily created (and customised) pick lists, image fields and url fields (that provide site previews).  It's not clear at this stage how they plan to make money off this fine system as it's free to sign up and use the beta.  TechCrunch reports that "they do intend to charge both casual consumers and business users" but it's unclear when and how this will happen.
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T-Enterprise said...

Fantastic find. Just tried it!