Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eclipse PDT : PHP Editor

PDT is a PHP editing IDE for Eclipse.  It provides all those lovely debugging, outlining, code hinting tools that  Eclipse provides for PHP development.  I hadn't written about it earlier as I hadn't had time to get going with it until yesterday.  My colleague installed it pretty well straight away and has been using (and  raving about ) it since.  I have been looking across with envy and saying I must find time to get that installed. 

To be fair I had tried to install it after the 1.0 release.  But it can be a bit awkward to install as it has a swarm of dependancies.  Fortunately, there is now an all in one release, but it means re-installing Eclipse and for Flex developers then re-installing Flex Builder (this question of dependencies and how they are managed is Eclipses Achilles heal).  It is worth the effort as PDT is already a great PHP development environment.

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Anonymous said...

yeah i dig pdt, i installed it the other day. its really kick ass...

i assume you refering to the zend pdt 1.0 release?

geekglue said...

Yeh, Zend PDT. That's the thing. My apologies for not giving full credit where it is due.